The entire stretch from City Limit to City Limit

Rogers, TexasApr 21, 20105 Comments

When the sign says 45 MPH, make sure you are only going 45 at that time. Rogers is a very small town on Hwy.36, between Cameron and Temple, but they have several policemen and they are very alert and patrol their small stretch of the highway. Used to have a sign stating that the town was a speed trap, but, was taken down not too long ago.

the speed trap sign is still up. i saw it testerday, 4-25-10.
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I saw the sign for 45 mph and slowed down to 48. I was stopped and the public servant stated that the speed limit was 35 mph. I never saw that sign and I'm usually looking when I pass through small towns because they are always looking to enhance their revenue.
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As of 1-31-2011 the sign is still there. Posted by a local rancher who was ticketed for 2 miles an hour over. Police still active but not as bad as a year ago. Debt on 5 new patrol cars has been paid off. Town of about 1500 or less and with 4 or 5 officers.
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yes, definitely a speed trap. I am the rancher who has the sign warning motorists. The police now hide on the right side of the road as you are traveling west. They hide behind buildings between the only signal light and the exxon station. beware!
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How does hiding make this a speed trap? The speed signs are clearly posted. I go through here at least once a week and have NEVER been stopped for speeding and you know why? Because I drive the speed limit!! If you are going to drive, then obey the laws!!
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