The main road thru town

Mexico Beach, FloridaJul 31, 20022 Comments

Perfectly insane! Do not speed in Mexico Beach, FL. You’re asking for it. Any time of day or night. Police patrol and have speed traps set up… at the same time. The police are in SUV’s and regular cruisers. The speed limit is 35mph in town. Don’t even think about going faster, and don’t even think about getting in the car after a beer or two. You will get nailed. The town is only a mile or two long, and I think it’d be very possible to get pulled over multiple times before you’d make it from one side to the next.

I drive through Mexico Beach all the time and only on occasion do I see a patrol vehicle.
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The police are always present and always active in Mexico Beach. There is little tolerance. They used to raise the speed limit in the off season; no longer. They probably lost money. This is a classic trap community. It therefore caters to people who don't know where they are going and know that they don't have to care about driving 23mph in a 35 zone. There is no driver courtesy here. It is one of the least pleasant driving experiences is Florida.
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