The whole of Hwy 17 thru town

Blind River, OntarioMar 10, 20102 Comments

The speed limit is 50km thru town and they sit in parking lots with radar or in patrol cars dont be any more than 8km over

So what's your point? Why can't you slow down a bit and respect that other people live along your "route"
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Definitely a speed trap town. I have driven all over North America and drive Highway 17 frequently. I can say that I see a speed trap in Blind River more often than not at all hours of the day and night. There is no other town that I know of with such heavy speed enforcement relative to its size as this one. Recently travelling through town at about 3am, I was stopped by the police. I was deliberately driving exactly 50 km/hr, expecting to encounter a speed trap. The reason given for stopping me was he suspicious as to why I was driving so slowly! Apparently they are used to people driving over the limit and being caught. Needless to say that I did not get a ticket. However, the officer and I had a good laugh about his speed trap. Seems it is an open joke in the area.
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