There ought to be a speed trap on Nichols rd

Lancaster, South CarolinaApr 30, 20123 Comments

There needs to be speed limit sign(s) on Nichols rd between Arch St and Chesterfield ave. People speed up and down this road continously with no regard for the safety of the families and children that live on this road. I have even seen three school buses speeding down this road in the afternoons in excess of 40 to 50 mph. This is a road not a highway.

I have not had a traffic ticket since I was 17; I am now 58. I was stopped in Nichols, S.C. at the end of the month, and written a ticket for 48 mph in a 35; this is a quota that has to be met. I was NOT speeding. This is how this town brings in money. So U may want to avoid this place all together. It is sad, but true that in 2012 the South still allows this kind of stuff to continue.
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This is a greatly used link to Myrtle Beach. Driving 40mph as the sign posted was noted. I was stopped by an officer in fatigues and a SWAT type vest with the pistol strapped to his chest. Asked what is the problem, he said I was traveling 39 mph. So what is the problem. It's a 25mph residential and business district. My front bumper is at a sign displaying a 40 mph when I stopped. Never saw a 25 sign officer. Oh it's on the block I had just drove through. So SWAT officer Barney lays a $133 ticket on me. Oh, send the money to the police dept. or go back by the police station and pay the ticket. This town has 388 residents. Sold 3 homes in the town in 2012. Population down 10% from 2000 census. So I guess I just bought Barney a helmet to go with his other garb. What an absolute rip off. If the town is broke, hang a donation bucket on a post with a sign saying GIVE or Meet Barney at the City Limit. Oh yes, they need to purchase a City Limit sign as I couldn't find that either.
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Invoke your right to see the radar gun. You are 100% within your rights to see the speed displayed on the gun. Not to mention now since the Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that you also 100% within your rights to film, make sure you take video of that speed. Also get an attorney. I would rather fork money to an attorney than a corrupt towns judicial system!
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