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Turbeville, South CarolinaAug 11, 20134 Comments

Was approaching this little town from the east, on highway 378. Saw the sign ahead that said 35 mph, slowed down. Then almost immediately saw the blue lights up ahead. I told him I was slowing down for the 35 limit. He said the speed limit was 45 mph before coming into the town, and you were going 69 mph. Just as the other posters noted, the cop said there would be no points as he was “doing me a favor”. Ticket said violation of traffic ordinance. And the fine was $388.00! I’m nearly always the slowest person on the road. I see speeders flying past me all the time. This is probably indeed this town’s only source of income – taking advantage of the many people going back and forth from Myrtle Beach, and the strangely shifting mph limits on this road. I will never go through this town again, or anywhere near it, except to traffic court for this ticket. Ruined the trip to Myrtle Beach too.

Everything you said happened to my wife as well. Rapid speed changes obviously created to produce a speed trap. I was so annoyed at how quickly we were pulled over and ticketed for $388.00 that I took over the driving (as my wife had no desire to continue driving at this point) and went back to see the speed limit signs. The signs were all there, but it was clear that they were only interested in generating revenue for the Mayberry like town. By the time I passed that speed trap again the officer had already pulled over another victim (it was no more than a couple minutes). The office was abrupt and came back with a laser printed document that you would never think a little town could create from a police car! I wonder how that kind of technology was funded?! I live in one of the most expensive counties in America, and we don't even have that setup. We will NEVER drive through that podunk town again. What a joke. I feel like buying a piece of land and erecting a huge sign warning drivers to slow down, but I am sure it is illegal or would quickly be outlawed. I would be embarrassed to say I am from Turdville SC. Or is it Turboville, where they want you to be turbo so they can fund their dumb little government with outrageous fees for those just wanting to get to Myrtle Beach? Turbeville, you are a bunch of bozos.
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Concur with the 8/23/13 comments above. Turbeville, SC should be called the "Blue Light City". While traveling back through on my way home they had someone else stopped in same spot. Coincidence? Think not.
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Being that I wasn't speeding through their town I took my chance at the court level by having my bench trial on October 3, 2013. To see how it went, read what I've posted on my blog at http://brokeneckj.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-speed-trap-and-kangaroo-court-that.html Thanks,
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This speed is still alive and thriving. Exactly same thing happened to me as I was coming from Myrtle Beach. Did not get a chance to slow down to 35 before I was stopped for speeding. Officer indicated he was doing me a "favor" by not giving me point and just limit the tickets to a fine. Later I realize it was $388. What a rip-off.
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