U.S. Highway 101 between Santa Maria and Santa Barbara

Santa Maria, CaliforniaFeb 27, 20103 Comments

Patrol cars find hidden turn out areas all along the route; both North and South bound. They are just out of sight until it is too late. I got cited along the south coast just east of Gaviota by a CHP officer using a hand held radar. Two patrol cars were poised as chase vehicles.

Around Cat Canyon, aircraft actually DOES patrol the area! I thought those signs were just a way to scare people. But I got a ticket from a CHP officer about a year ago that was pulled over on the Cat Canyon turnout. He pulled out 1/4 mile before I got to him. He told me I was spotted by aircraft and pointed at the plane. That was over a $500 ticket. Beware when the signs say "Speed Patrolled by Aircraft"... it's true!
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Aircraft traffic control is BANNED in California. I grew up in Santa Maria and am aware that this stretch is VERY dangerous. Stay within 5 MPH of speed limit and no one will bother you.
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People who get ticketed by a ground officer stating that they were spotted by an aircraft should be aware that this is considered a speed "trap" and is illegal. I was spotted from an aircraft West of Gaviota ner Santa Barbara. I did not know about the aircraft but saw a patrol car on the opposite side which turned around and followed me. I had a radar detector on and was not illuminated by the CHP radar so I knew that the ground officer had not seen me speeding. The law says that the officer writing the ticket has to be the officer who witnessed you speeding. I told him that but he insisted on giving me a ticket which was thrown out when I protested it.
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