U.S. HWY 277

Del Rio, TexasFeb 22, 20111 Comments

-Entering from the south of the city (from Laredo)
-U.S. Hwy is 55/60mph zone the sign for 30mph is not until you are about 300 feet from the first signal in the city.
-Officer Smith tried to say I (in a fully loaded 75,000 lb. big rig), after stopping at the first signal (De La Rosa Ave), went 38 mph before the next red light (E. Gibbs St/U.S. 90)…less than a mile up the road…over a bridge…
-later witnessed 3 different squad cars pulling over 3 vehicles within a half hour time period.

Favorite target is long haul truck drivers (witnessed another rig getting ticket shortly after mine) who can not fight ticket in court
-city will not allow out of area residents to submit written protest to ticket….
they allow you to (conviently) opt into “pre-trial diversion” for a convinient $250.00 you can keep the ticket off your record. They might as well put up a sign asking for $250.00 rather than creating a false ticket

Got stopped by DPS in this one. Trooper was parked facing inbound running rear antenna. About two miles out of town is where the speed drops to 55 and about 100 yds from that sign is another 55mph sign. The trooper was (mistakenly, im sure) parked behind the first 55 sign shooting radar into the 70mph zone. So he pulled me over for doing 70 in a...uhh, 70. I read him the riot act of where the speed zone starts and where he was parked, he runs my info, then comes back with a dodgy story about it being my "lucky day" and that his computer malfunctioned so i wouldn't be getting a ticket (apparently, he wasn't issued paper and pencil in the academy). My problem with this is, how many other people got illegal tickets there and how many hundreds of dollars were thrown away for nothing? Wasn't even man enough to admit his mistake.
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