U.S. Hwy. 31, south of downtown

Thorsby, AlabamaMay 21, 20031 Comments

The trap occurs heading southbound just past the town’s southern boundary, the point where the four-lane road narrows to two lanes. There is no sign changing the speed limit to 55, although there is a sign across the road slowing traffic to 45 at the beginning of the four-lane. The town’s jurisdiction extends 1.5 miles beyond that point. A typical stop involves an officer traveling northbound, wheeling around and stopping motorists just before they leave the jurisdiction. I personally know five people who have been ticketed for traveling 65 mph in a 45 zone in this area from the same officer. (Apparently, people tend to set their cruise controls at 65 when traveling through Thorsby) I have also talked to three attorneys about defending yourself in Municipal Court – all three declined to even take the case, because the judge there has no regard for what the defendants have to say, and the only way to be successful was to have the case moved up to Circuit Court, which would be prohibitively expensive. I live in a town just south, and I am considering a grassroots effort to boycott the businesses in the town until they become more realistic.

So true Judge Jackson believes everyone who stands before him is guilty. My situation was where I had been stoped for "speeding " and it was where it goes from four lanes back to two he pulled me over way down past the lomax sign in front of the old stokes Chevrolet dealership. And there were two officers in the police car "dehart" was the officer talking to me and he told me I was going 65mph & the other officer talkin to my friend told her I was going 69mph two different statements so anyway when I got into and I use the term EXTREMELY LOOSELY "COURT" LOL I simply attempted to argue plan Alabama law that is on the books by that I mean where an officer in accordance with Alabama law to be referred to as a "RADAR EXPERT "Has to be recertified every 36 months. However according to Judge Jackson that is & was irrelevant so of course everything else I had to say was also irrelevant he naturally found me guilty & when i asked about right to appeal he quickly answered me with yes 550.00 dollar appeal bond needless to say I turned and told the "court"good luck everybody your all going to need it that was my experience with a HANGING JUDGE SO GO THE INTERSTATE LAST I HEARD THEY HAVE BEEN FORBIDDEN TO WRITE TICKETS ON THE INTERSTATE THAT PLACE IS THE BIGGEST BUNCH OF CROOKS I'VE EVER SEEN MAKES ME SO MAD.
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