U.S. Hwy. 58 West of Southampton High School before Capron, VA

Courtland, VirginiaJan 28, 20104 Comments

The infamous Southampton County Sheriff’s office sits on the turning lane on the median (usually facing east) with car running and lights off just waiting. It’s always the same cop and always between 6 AM and 7 AM, M-F. Don’t know about the weekends. MPH is 60…he will pull you at 65. So go 64.5 if you can! He will clock you long before you get to him and if you think he’s got the car in front of you…bam…he’s got you too. Will have 2-4 cars pulled over at once. He gets in front of the cars he wants pulled over and won’t move until they do. Good luck driving through there…he easily makes $5,000 a week just in tickets!

I have a TomTom on which a blue window showing the speed, turns red if I exceed the limit by three mph. While traveling to Florida I went through here 8:00 AM on a Sunday morning, I had cruse control set at 60, the speed limit, and the TomTom stayed blue. The officer pulled me over and gave me a ticket for doing 73 mph in a 60 mph zone, when in fact I was going 63. Citation had hair color and eye color wrong. There is a space for a phone number to complain about officers professionalism. There was no number in the space. This is just a revenue source for them, they are not in the least concerned about public safety, because he never asked for proof of insurance or registration on my car.
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i got a ticket here in june 2012. i was going 65 in a 60 and got a ticket for going 75. i downloaded the ticket fighting ebook and beat it in court. there was another person in court that day who was going 60 and got a ticket for 73. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEED TO GET A TICKET HERE. stay in the slow lane. we were both in the left lane when we got pulled over.
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this speed trap goes all the way through emporia. i will avoid this road at all costs!
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I have a Garmin that says I was going 45 which was the last posted sign I saw. Apparently there was a drop that I did not see down to 35 and right around the corner there was cop waiting to pull people no way he could have radared me as I was going around a corner and he was extremely far off when he turned on his lights. He also said I was going 55 in a 35 the speed of the sign just in front of me when my gps said I was going no more than 45. He did not even ask if I knew what speed I was going or if I knew why he was pulling me over just said give me your licence and I will get you your ticket and you can be on your way, I was not even given an address to go to court just told to call the number to pay my ticket over the phone. Love that they let this happen and that there is noting to stop it form happening. Though he did turn around and pull someone else before I even had a chance to get back on the road also noway he could have clocked them using radar.
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