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Summersville, West VirginiaMar 26, 20103 Comments

Entire strip. If the sign says 45 go 40. If you are from NY,PA, or ONT, go 35. Also don’t for get about Non-Resident Violator Compact if you are a US citizen. After I got my ticket in 2003 I called the PA state police and they told me about it and to pay the fine but don’t worry about points. I never was charged the points.

I don't know what Non-Resident Violator Compact is but it has no bearing on any tickets written in W.Va. If you pay the fine without going to court the ticket isn't reported to the state in order for the town to be able to not give the state their share. If the state doesn't get the info then it isn't reported to your state. Summersville is a big time speed trap even for us. I live south of Summersville at another speed trap. The cops write tickets to anyone they catch speeding including us. They are out just as thick in the winter as they are at other times of the year and Summersville is the worst of them all. If you see one of those signs that tells your speed while in Summersville city limits there will be a cop a short distance away 95% of the time. I learned that people in PA are used to going up to 20 MPH over the limit after I made a trip there. Then they come here and forget that they are not in PA and get nailed. If the cop has his choice of speeders he will always pick the one going the fastest because that is more money for the town. Summersville cops won't write tickets for a couple of miles over the limit but I drive at or a little below the limit when in Summersville because you never know what the cop that stops you will do. A fight with his wife or GF will cause him to wirte tickets for 1mph over the limit.
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Summerville is a classic speedtrap. I will no longer shop, eat or in any way do business in or around the area. Since they only want my money from the speed trap they won't get any of my money in any other way. I warn everyone I know to go 5 MPH under the limit the entire way thru the area and still some get caught. They are NOT nice people.
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Several years ago we passed through Summersville enroute to Tenn. We were pulling our RV and stopped for breakfast at the Bob Evans. While eating B-fast we watched the local police stop speeders on RT 19. UNBELEIVABLE! We saw four - five stops at the same time. They were picking them off like flies. We couldn't believe it. My buddy & his wife, who stopped with us, counted 27 traffic stops in the time it took us to have breakfast. SO, w3atch it in Summersville, WV. We were left alone but we knew about it in advance and went well under the posted limit, used our turn signals everywhere, and were very cautious.
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