US 281

Bulverde, TexasJul 11, 20102 Comments

Bulverde Police stake out this busy US Hiway as a huge revenue producer.
This area is posted at 65, but most other areas are 70.
Its controlled access and divided 4 lanes, and hilly, which gives the greed mongers many places to hide.

Bulverde police are a remake of Selma Town on speed! Some of these guy's are a real piece of work! WE need to ban together and start a group and keep them in check! They drive way over the speed and I think bulverde PD have a mission to get into you wallet! WE have to tell the truth and they lie while looking into your eye! They do set up on the hide with no lights off! They hover around places were the speed limit change 3 times! Comal county are a lot better dealing with our county I used to travel a lot in the in 4 to 5 counties surrounding Bulverde!
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I've passed Bulverde police on many occasions driving 5 mph over the speed limit and never been stopped, which never would have happened in the bad old days of Selma - but they are serious about school zones. There is no part of US 281 marked at 70 mph within the city limits of Bulverde. The 65 mph speed limit extends from the San Antonio city limits (US281/Marshall Rd) all the way out to the Blanco county line. South of that it's 60.
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