US Highway 1 near Garden Street

Titusville, FloridaMar 12, 20082 Comments

This trap is located about a quarter mile from garden street coming over the bridge in titusville by the marina as you head south. Police sit just over the top of the hill as you come over and if you are over the limit they will hammer you.


I wouldn't exactly say this is a trap, but yes, the speed limit falls off quickly. I will say there is plenty of time to slow down and follow the limit. It doesn't just change in say 10 feet or anything. You actually have all the way up the hill to slow down. The cops sit there (I work just at the end of the hill and see people getting pulled over all the time) mainly because people won't slow down and they hit the corner I work on somtimes still doing 60 miles an hour. I can't tell you how many times a day we hear the screeching of brakes (from a lot of OTR trucks too!) as people try to slow down so they don't run the streetlight. I for one think the cops need to keep sitting there...
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The speed limit drops from 45 to 30 in less than 500 feet an the motor cops sits right on top of the bridge. He's not there all the time so just drive slow all the time an you should be all right.
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