US Highway 1 near Mile Marker 35

Keys, FloridaDec 07, 20072 Comments

South Bound toward Key West: After many miles of 2 lane 45-55 mph driving with little chance of passing you come to a four lane staight away on a bridge. You speed up to pass us slow locals and at the other end (south bound)of the bridge there , usually, sit’s two state troopers. ‘Our’ highest Key’s speed is 55! Be doing it well before the southern end of the bridge. Oh yeah, south bound shortly after this bridge you come to a ‘Key’s Deer’ 45mph days 35mph nights zone. Goes on, seemingly, forever! Do not speed, you will get a ticket. And if you should hit a deer, you don’t want to know what will happen. They are ‘very’ serious in this speed zone area, even we/local’s slow down and do 45/35. If you get a ticket here you will be prosecuted!

(Keys Overseas Highway)

Previous commenter is absolutely right on. Cops WILL ticket you for exceeding the posted limit and since the signs change frequently, it's essential to stay heads up and pay attention to the signs. But it's like that plaque in Key West says -- "What's your hurry? You're here!"
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Most irritating speed trap in america. I was consciously going out of my way to go the speed limit when I got this ticket (at dusk), 2 different speed limits is a joke. Plus the night time speed limit is posted in a different color (darker) that is hard to see at night. Loved the keys but I will never go back because of how mad I am at this.
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