US Highway 118 west

Simi Valley, CaliforniaDec 21, 20074 Comments

Everytime I go biking towards Kuehner Dr. exit, there is a CHP parked right at the bottom of the exit, scoping the cars that pass by the upper part of the bridge. I see it every sunday morning 7-9 am but I’m not sure about the other days.

I was pulled over based on this speed trap. Problem is - the CHP officer loses sight of the freeway while reentering up the onramp. I was pulled over by a beligent idiot who stated he had to do 110 mph to catch me when I got off at Yosemite. WHAT???? After arguing with him that I had no idea what he was talking about, I stated I think you pulled over the WRONG person - He did relent and admit that at first sight he thought it was a Mercedes. (I was driving a BMW.) So instead of letting me go - the idiot had to write me up for tinted windows.
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There are usually two or three CHP on and around these ramps (Kuehner and now Rocky Peak). They are watching for rolling stops and speeders coming up and down that hill. Best thing to do with Simi Cops is to not argue, but be firm about your position. If you can afford to go all the way to Ventura Traffic Court it's worth fighting.
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If you are speeding you will be caught. If you are calling it a speed trap you just got caught. Dont argue, the cop wont write you unless he is a 100% sure it is you he saw. If you want to go to court make sure it is on their day off. Nothing like messing with a cops days off.
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It is State Route 118 not US Highway 118
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