US Highway 167 & 79

Fordyce, ArkansasDec 21, 20073 Comments

Speeds change from 55mph to 45mph back to 55mph and again back to 45mph within about a 2.25mi distance, with no obvious reason for the reduced speed.

US Hwy 167 & 79....the exits on this uncontrolled, divided four lane highway, entertains entrances to businesses and a convention center. The terrain does not lend to greater speeds as some of the intersections are blind to the turn-through in the median. Traffic making U-turns and crossing to the side roads and shopping centers, car dealerships, restaurants and high school...deserves different speed limits to promote safety.
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The speed traps are all over fordyce. And if pulled over you might not have been speeding. The officers have tuning forks in there cars it messes with the radar gun makes it look like your going faster than you were
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As a reply to the first comment, there is not a lot of traffic activity contrary to what this post alludes. The convention center is almost never used, in a town of around 3000 it really is just a waste of taxpayer money! I've driven through there many times and even had a son on the city police force for a while and I have never seen anyone do a u-turn through that stretch, except for a police officer once, going after someone who apparently was speeding (couldnt tell they were from my end). The speed limit could safely stay at 55, but if you want it at 45, fine just leave it there through the whole stretch.
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