US Highway 17 near US Highway 21

Gardens Corner, South CarolinaJul 12, 20064 Comments

From Gardens Corner to Ravenel,SC new speed limit is FIFTY MPH. Lot of accidents & deaths on that stretch of road so Hwy Patrol enforcement is strict, they use unmarked cars and motorcycles. Lot of trucks going from Savannah to Charleston so get behind one and be cool.

Contrary to what the the writer above stated, there are not a lot of accidents and deaths on the stretch of highway between Gardens Corner and Ravenel, SC. There have been a few, but no more so than any other rural highway. The road just happens to run thru an area where a small population of vocal people want the highway widened and they used a wreck near Gardens Corner that killed several people a few ago to force the issue with the State and the media bought it. Nevertheless, It Is a Speed Trap! Last Night, I was ticketed for going 62 on a four-lane highway with no construction equipment or road work going on in a rural, 100% unpopulated area. I was driving with the normal flow of traffic and the office who stopped me admitted the car in front of me was traveling faster, I just happened to be the one he stopped. Makes me proud to be a South Carolinian. I have driven this section of highway weekly for over 40 years. This should be illegal.
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The speed limits are well posted. The only thing illegal is you were going to fast. Lots of deaths on that stretch of hwy. Slow down. When the road widening job is done, the speed limits should be adjusted.k
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Widening has been completed for the south part of this stretch, but the middle and north parts of US 17 to Charleston have not, and the speed limit is absolutely ridiculous at 50 mph... Even in passing zones it doesn't go up - which is where drivers get caught.
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Speed is 60 all the way to Ravenel except Jacksonboro. That's doesn't mean 65, 70 or more. It means 60.
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