US Highway 218 avenue of the saints near janesville turn

Janesville, IowaMar 13, 20061 Comments

after the waverly exit/entrance the road becomes very flat and not hilly so you cant hide from cops, the speed limit drops from 65 to 55 and you come up to city limits of janesville there will be a city cop or sometimes a trooper waiting pointed at you and by the time u see this its to late but occasionaly there will be a cop in the median or sometimes at the turn if you have a good detector you wont get a ticket probably but if youre on the avenue of the saints and you see the signs for janes ville slow down ive been pulled over here my dad has and my friend has and we live about 70 miles from it just to get an idea of how many people get pulled over. i don’t know of anyone who has gooten a ticket mostly warnings so youre kinda safe there but just slow down, there city cops they don’t have much else to do.

This is not a speed trap. It is a death trap. This is a classic example of stupidity in road design. This intersection is very deadly. There are wrecks almost every week at this intersection. The road is called the avenue of the saints. It should be called the Avenue of Death. The road was proposed as an interstate from St. Paul, Minnesota to St. Louis, Missouri. The politicians said the expected traffic was not going to be as heavey as the proponets of the road said it would. So the road has at grade intersections with the traffic count of an interstate. When bypassing a town with a road the idea is to speed up travel around the town. Unfortunately unless the DOT makes the road controlled access or prohibits building on the new road the town's business district relocates to the new road. Then the DOT goes into denial about all of the wrecks on the road and refuses erect stop lights or slow the traffic down, or rebuild the intersection as a controlled access intersection as the death toll mounts. Now they have hired a consultant to study the situation.
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