US Highway 231 near North bound before Alabama state line

Campbellton, FloridaJul 26, 20051 Comments

Heading northbound on Hwy 231 the speed limit changes form 65mph to 55mph to 45mph to 35mph in less then 1/2 mile & then change back to 65mmp in less then 1/2 mile. Signs are posted only on right side of the road which you are blinded to if your in the left lane and cars are beside you. There are no signs posted warning you to slow down ahead and signs are not posted on boths sides of the road so both lanes can see them in traffic. Your eyes are watching curve in the road on the left side and by the time you see the 35mph sign the police are sitting across the bridge just past where the sign turns to 35mph and pull you over. Tickets are written to only those who are pulled over. Citations are written up as though you are going 65 in a 35 to escalate the fines. Slamming on your brakes might slow you down to avoid a ticket but could cause a crash hazzard if every motorist that was traveling on this heavly traveled road started slamming on the brakes to decelerate to speed limits every 1/8 of a mile. It is obvious to that the intention here is not to slow you down to a safe speed but to fine tourist returning home. Then to make matters worse they offer every incentive to pay & not fight.
Reduced Fines if you take a 4 hour class online with no points, etc. But increase fees and reporting if you request a hearing!
I have not had a speeding ticket in over 25 years and drive a company vehical. This speed trap could cause me to lose my company vehical driving privlages and cause my insurance to go up for 3 to 5 years.

I travel this town twice a week always stopping to buy gas, maybe food and drink for over 25 years. I just received a trap ticket for crossing under a red light. I have a perfect driving record and i am 55 years old. I distinctly remember when I did it. I was pulling a loaded heavy trailer and another driver was bearing down on me. If I would have slammed my breaks on he would have rear ended me. I may be held hostage to paying this fine of $158. but i assure you it will cost the city of campbelton and the business owners of that one redlight town much more than that. I will no longer buy another dimes worth of anything in that town and I will make it my mission in life to see to it that everyone else passes them by as well. Maybe the store owners can put pressure on the money seeking councilman that put the system in place. Go out and read about this company. They promote this as a money maker for the city client, NOT a safety improver for the community. What a lie on the ticket and website. As far as the other "local" commentor on this blog. Grow a set and get a real cop to issue citations real time. Not some anonymous camera device. I see the Jackson county deputy there every time I pass through. He is assigned to that town. Just proves that this is just to make money and pull the city out of financial trouble it was in. I've seen their books and news reports before, they were broke.
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