US Highway 278 near US Highway 321

Fairfax, South CarolinaJul 12, 20082 Comments

Speed limit quickly changes from 55mph to 35mph. Although the highway does go through the center of this small town, there is no warning of the abrupt speed change on this US highway; there is very little traffic in this small town that would necessitate such a speed limit.

The officer that pulled me over was talking so fast that I could barely understand him. The formality of actually speaking to me was apparently taking up too much of his time that he could be spending pulling other cars over. He was talking so fast that he appeared to be out of breath.

This was my first and only speeding ticket in my 15 years of driving. I believe I was clocked at an astonishing 44 mph. Instead of a warning, I was slapped with a ticket and a breathless and rehersed "concerned" comment about "the seriousness of driver safety." Before he even pulled out of the parking lot from pulling me over, he had his lights on and was in pursuit of another car.

Your so right, this same officer gave me a ticket which he claims I was doing 49 in their 30 mile per hr speed zone. This was only one block from where I had just turned onto the main street. He talked so fast you can barely understand very little of what he's saying. At first I wasn't quite sure he was even speaking English. Trying to communicate back with him is like talking to a dial tone. He doesn't seem to listen, respond, understand or maybe is just totally not interested in communicating with another human being. He doesn't even make eye contact so I'm afraid he seems to have some serious communication problems. I haven't had any tickets what-so-ever since i was twenty-seven years old and am now sixty so when I asked the city officer about attending his local traffic court he insisted that the ticket could be mailed in with the fee. I responded politely, " No sir I am attending traffic court to disagree with this citation." Instead of simply giving me directions on how to proceed on that date to his magistrate court he says he'd write the address on the citation. On his return I looked over the citation and the address he had written down was no more than a P.O. box. Once again I asked him if he could please give me directions to the Fairfax court house but sadly once more this was met without any credible response on his behalf. Later that same evening I goggled it up only to find to my surprise we were just a few blocks away from the city court house right down the street on same highway. What a wise guy this fellow is. I'm so glad that in most experiences I've had with law enforcement I've not been met with such rudeness or with the downright arrogant attitude this young guy possesses. Hopefully he'll find some other line of work to pursue soon (where he doesn't have to deal with the public) because he lacks any proper people skills for this job. This event is clearly no more than a dieing small town using their constables to tag the motoring public for survival dollars. It's certainly a shame the state of SC doesn't do more to clean up the fleecing of citizens by these rouge small town departments using citation writing to fund their municipality budget.
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Fairfax, SC is definitely a speed trap with their high unemployment this decaying frail city has to go after every last dime of revenue at any means at their disposal. What easier way to stuff the town coffers by shooting fish in a while barrel staking out the two intersecting highways that meet within the town limits. The acting traffic judge is a private practice attorney, city attorney, a city magistrate judge & no telling what other line of business he's in? As a two job employee of the city of Fairfax he must see to it that his paycheck isn't interrupted by lack of funds being created by his local police department feeding off motorist traveling within their city limits.
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