US Highway 30

Georgetown, IdahoJul 27, 20062 Comments

Main Street Georgetown, 49 in 35 zone. Coming from the South (Northbound) from Montpelier, the limit drops quickly from 65 to 45 to 35 as you approach the town of Georgetown which is invisible in a valley. There is no reduced speed ahead sign. As you come over a crest the road and see the town the Idaho Police are standing by with radar to clock you. I was driving a rental car and slowed down but not fast enough. Looks like they target out of state expensive cars. I was in a Dodge 300 rental with Ohio plates. Right after me they caught a Camry from Colorado in the same trap.

Georgetown has been a speed trap since at least 1972, and the information given is 100 percent accurate. I had the same experience, only it used to change from 65 to 35 with no warning. Radar hit me doing 45 immediately after the "Reduced Speed Ahead" sign. I argued with the cop for about a 1/2 hour, he made me get into his car and drove me through the speed trap to "prove" that it wasn't one. It is. I told him I'd go to Montpelier, didn't have money to pay the ticket, but would be happy to be a guest of the county for a few days. He finally let me go because I was detaining him when there were lots of other prospects going through. I now own Idaho Magazine. Guess what the Last Spotlight City written up in our magazine is going to be? And, when it finally is written up, it will be named as Idaho's worst speed trap. The police car is the main industry there!
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I don't know who these 4 people are that say it's not a speedtrap... it 100% is a speedtrap in this town. I posted up a report on these trap too, I've been through the town 2 times and both times the black and white was sitting road side using radar. It's all about speeding tickets in this area.. bottom line. How about they work on fixing that graveled up highway a few miles north that's breaking everyone's windshields!!!!
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