US Highway 33 near Keith’s Auto/7-11

Mcgaheysville, VirginiaMay 16, 20071 Comments

In a crossing near Keith’s Auto sales I’ve spotted a Rockingham Co. deputy and a state trooper with radar there about twice a month!

Brutal and legendary trap, one of the oldest and most famous in all of VA, known far and wide. They love college kids with out of state tags, considering it's right near the 'burg cops have easy pickings. It's like shooting fish in a barrel, more than a few of my friends got nailed here, a couple of them more than once. EMU told us to watch out for this spot in orientation, that's how bad it is. You best have all your papers in order and everything working, and you better not have any booze or have any intention of heading towards Food Lion because they love to ask you about your travels at night. Girlfriend and I were headed through back to campus late one night, and sure enough RCSO's finest came roaring out from behind us tailgating and pushing from behind. Cop lit 'em up and stopped us, went through the normal had anything to drink, no, drugs, no, where you coming from, where you headed to. After sitting on the side of the road for a while, and us getting more and more worried, he finally came back and gave us a warning after sitting for almost 30 minutes. It seemed more like a fishing expedition and a time waster than anything else.
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