US Highway 45W

Kenton, TennesseeJul 16, 20052 Comments

Basically the whole roadway (US 45W) through the town of Kenton, TN is a trap. Certain police officers working the afternoon and evening shifts have been known to stop non-residents mostly and ticket them for violations such as exceeding the speed limit of 30 by a mere 2-3 miles an hour. One officer has been known to ticket up to 14 motorists in a 4 hour span. The people of the town are very upset that this practice of law enforcment is actually taking place. The town is a nice town to visit and has several small businesses that suffer due to this problem. So, if you are traveling through the town of Kenton please obey each and every speed sign. If you are entering Kenton on US 45W (north or south bound) the speed limit will drop from 55 MPH to 45 MPH and then to 30 MPH. If you travel within the residential area of the town, the speed limit is usually 20 MPH. DO NOT EXCEED THESE LIMITS OR YOU WILL BE STOPPED.

Stop spending money in Kenton and tell the stores why and see how long it takes to change some of the ways in which tickets are given out.
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I can't wait for the four lane to bypass this little speed trap. Then we can go on about our business.
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