US Highway 65 near Interstate 40

Tallulah, LouisianaApr 23, 20043 Comments

Umarked SUV sits on the side of the road or next to a farm equipment building. Dark tinted windows. Out of site until too late. Will hold up traffic to come after you even on the opposite side of the road. Hwy 65 is nothing but farms and a lot of land and not stores or house for miles. Extremely highest during Holidays and school breaks.

I have been traveling hwy 65 and I 10 for years. I have seen the suv sitting by the farm equipment many times. The speed limit in that area is 55 and I have driven past at over sixty without being stopped. Many have passed me at 65 and 70 and I laughed when they were stopped. !0 miles over is not a speed trap! Also the vehicle is doing drug interdiction.
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55 mph speed limit north of Tallulah is ridiculous. The road is straight, wide and very sparsely traveled. Moreover, the only warning signs are just as you are leaving town. If you don't see those and you get going a normal highway speed for the conditions 70-74, you may get nailed as we did. And was the officer, ever so sweet as he asked for my wife's license and brought back a nice $200 ticket. Honeee, I jest had to stop ya..! Yea, right. That speed limit and uncompromising effort to nail out of towners who fail to see the ridiculous limit signs, is not only outrageous, it is pobably unconstitutional for violating conventional notions of reasonable travel restrictions.
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For about 30 miles North of Tallulah, on 65,,,,,,,you had better be careful. Wide open spaces, nice highway, nothing but farm land, no trees to hit, and the speed limit is 55. Beware...the autorities are VERY concerned with your welfare. After a while, it will seem that you can get out and walk faster than the speed limit, and that is exactly what they are hoping you will think. Money making are doing it for your safety. (HA)
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