US Highway 66/54 near Interstate 40 exit

Santa Rosa, New MexicoAug 25, 20084 Comments

Speed limit changes from 45 to 35 near bottom of long hill. Officer got me for 8 mile over and gave me choice of pleading guilty and mailing in my fine or staying to go to court. It was a Friday night and I had out of state plates.

This is a classic shakedown type of speed trap. You exit from the Interstate at 70 mph and the exit ramp is a very long, steep downhill grade, not good for reducing speed. Then, the exit ramp speed limit suddenly changes from 45 to 35 mph. Local yokels sit in ambush looking for any out-of-state plates. My advice: DO NOT exit the Interstate at Santa Rosa. Drive on to the next town. I'll never set foot in that little pea-hole again.
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This is the same speed trap I got into on May 30th, 2010. EXACT same speed, exact same speech about easier to pay then to come back and fight it. Only a seven hundred mile trip for me . Aw New Mexico, the land of Entrapment..
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NM requires two options for handling a speeding citation: 1) plead guilty and pay the citation within 30 days 2) plead guilty and appear in court. The law requires a minimum of 3 days Not a shake down, sounds like a fair system to me. Many states now require you to contact the court. I would much rather have the option to pay the fine and not deal with a court.
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#2 should be "plead not guilty and appear in court"
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