US Highway 69 near Interstate 44

Big Cabin, OklahomaAug 24, 20042 Comments

Speed limit signs are completely unresonable. After all, they are setting out in plain sight. All you have to be able to do is read to avoid getting a ticket.

This is true. He got me. I truly did not notice the no right turn on red sign and I turned. He pulled me into the Whole Foods parking lot and I begged him not to ticket me that I truly did not know the sign was there, which is true - I'd never seen that sign (I hardly ever get off the freeway there). He so wanted to give me that ticket but I think he could see that I was telling the truth and I promised never to do it again. He let me go with a warning. It's stupid to have that sign there and I don't see the point in it.
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This comment was intended for another speed trap - not this one in OK. I live in CA. When I went to write this comment the screen changed after I registered.
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