US Highway 70 near US Highway 231

Lebanon, TennesseeAug 18, 20070 Comments

On all exits away from the Lebanon town square travelling North, South, East, and West; If you are travelling on US 70 to the East or West OR travelling on US 231 to the North or South; the speed limit has been posted for roughly a mile in each direction at 30 miles per hour. Each of these primary arterial routes through Lebanon are 4 lane US highways that are constructed with what would appear to be an engineered travelling speed of approximately 50 miles per hour in mind. The Officer who stopped me was a sargeant in the Lebanon Police Force who explaioned to me that US 70 on which I had been travelling at the time had been designated a "zero tolerance area for speed infractions due to higher ates of traffic accidents and fatalities in this stretch of road. I then asked him if there were other "zero-tolerance" areas that I as a resident should be aware of. He responded by specifically listing each stretch of road I have referenced earlier in this post a speed trap along with basically every other primary colector or arterial within the Lebanon City Limits. I have also recently received a ticket in the area of US 231 travelling south about a half-mile out of the square. In both instances I was travelling 40 to 45 miles per hour on a four lane engineered US Highway. In the case of the US 231 incident, I told the officer I had no idea the speed limit was that low in that proximity of 231. He responded by saying "oh yeah, it doesn’t increase to 45mph until just past that bridge" (He pulled me over within 50 feet of the posted speed limit changing!)I am not typically rabid about my occassional violations of a speed limit as many times, the police may have been correctly pulling me over for travelling at a dangerous rate of speed on a road that may not be designed for such speeds; or I was simply travelling to fast on the interstate. But these two instances really got under my skin as i felt the local police force was misconstrueing on traffic accident and infrequent fatality data to justify a spped zone that will inevitably act as a revenue stream for their department once the curtain has been pulled back from their incorrect use of accident and fatality data. The facts as i know them are as follows: These stretches of road do occasionally face heavier traffic volumes during certain times of the day. There are I feel certain also the expected increase in minor accidents that can occur with such increases in volume. As for the Fatailities, in most if not all cases, there was someone travelling at incredulous rates of speed totally ignoring all accepted traffic speeds, including universally accepted interstate speeds above 55 mph. For the City to justify reducing the speeds to 30 mph as a result of these few bad apples who wouldn’t have responded to reduced speed postings anyway is punishing everyone for the transgressions of a few. As a relative comparison, I live in Lebanon on a minor residential subdivision road that is 2 lanes and 28 foot wide. The posted limit on my residential road is 30 MPH. How can the local city council and police administration possibly justify the same posted speed limit on two major four lane highways that pass through our community.

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