US Highway 71

Archie, MissouriMay 18, 20052 Comments

they set up at the over pass doing 75 they won’t get ya but 80 you done

They are almost always on top of the bridge nabbing people off 71/I-49 highway. Take caution on evenings and especially weekends or best yet just slow down in the vicinity of the exit. I boycott towns/cities like this that have nothing better to do than sit on the side of the road outside of the actual proximity of the city. If I absolutely need fuel I buy a gallon and drive on to Adrian that is 5 miles south or Harrisonville that is 15 miles north. I know many other people who do the same and you can tell by driving around Archie its a wasteland with basically only a couple gas stations really surviving. If you drive through Adrian it has a revamped Main street and has a lot of active businesses both new and old. Police and Mayors who encourage this behavior strangle their local business owners. The way to make real revenue and grow a city is with proceeds from sales tax from an expanding city, not ticket money. I also boycott Freeman, Cleveland, and Lake Winnebago to name a few. Drive right on past and watch the cities eventually melt.
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Fully agree with the post above this. This is a speed trap and it is always the same officer. I am a local and drive by frequently. Mostly every weekend. I suspect it is to pay for this weekend warriors salary. But seriously I have seen this guy going down the ramp at all out dangerous speeds and doing 90 or 100 when he hits 71. Something should be done about this. About every time I go to Harrisonville on the weekend I will see him when I am going to town and coming home, both times with someone pulled over. What a trap and what a danger delivered by law enforcement. And the town is a dried up mess. This don't help. Like I said I am a local, ( 65 years old), and despise this.
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