US Highway 71

Hosston, LouisianaMar 28, 20061 Comments

The cop sits facing south on the highway. The speed limit goes from 55 mph to 45 mph fairly quickly. The reduced speed takes place in a bend, and on the other side of the bend is the cop. He sits and waits for you. I have not been stopped, but I have seen 7 people pulled over during my 13 trips through this village. Beware: Slow Down In Hosston

I have to pas though Hosston when I travel to my home town in Louisiana. I know that Hosston is a "speed trap" town so I am always very careful while passing through. Last week before entering Hosston, I had my cruise control set on 55 mph - the speed limit. When I saw the 45 mph sign ahead, I put my brake on and began slowing down. The car ahead of me also began slowing down. Before we got to the sign or could slow to 45, a police car turned on the light and pulled me over. I have out of state license plates and there were clothes hanging in my car. The car ahead of me had Louisiana license plates and was not stopped. The officer told me that she had clocked me at 65 in a 47 zone. I told her that my cruise control was set on 55 so that was impossible and that I had stepped on the brake to slow to 45 as soon as I saw the sign. I asked about the car in front of me that was going the same speed as I was and their brake lights came on when mine did. She said "I did not clock them" She wrote the ticket for 67 mph in a 45 mph zone after saying she had clocked me at 65. This town has dishonest police officers and is a speed trap for out of state drivers!!
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