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Yates Center, KansasMay 13, 20094 Comments

It is a well known fact that if you drive Highway 75 through Yates Center, KS you better slow down. It is 100% speed trap! Coming from the North it suddenly goes to 50 miles per hour but what’s bad is when you get to the city limits it drops without warning! Coming from the South isn’t as bad but they monitor going both ways. Anyone that lives in the area or drives through there knows to creep through town.

Yes, Yates Center Kansas is a speed trap. Furthermore there is dishonesty involved with that. I attest to that based on an experience I had and experiences that several people I know told me about. If anyone ever wants to start a class-action lawsuit against the Yates Center people who are involved, count me in. When you are cited, whether you really speeded through the area or was just accused of doing so, there is a $100 court fee tacked on to the accessed fine. It doesn't matter whether you show up at court, or just decide to pay the fine, the city gets the extra $100. I cannot prove it, but it is almost assured that many non-vertabrae individuals in the Yates Center system are getting ' cash bonuses' by all the money they con out of innocents and guilty alike.
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Yes this happened to us, we are from Connecticut and were heeding home from Wichita. Our ticket has $120 court cost and they must assume we will mail in the money and not appear in court. Deffinatley a money making operation. If you visit Kansas stay on the interstate highway.
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First and most obvious is that Police are hired by the City of Yates Center. However the city prosecutor and the municipal judge are also employed by Yates Center. The City Prosecutor took over the Municipal Judges law practice when he retired. Is a fair and impartial hearing really fair and impartial? What needs to happen is a large number of people need to do the homework, gather evidence and take hearings. After being found guilty then appeal to the Woodson County Court that's located in......Yates Center!
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If you live in Kansas contact your legislators. Put an end to this by having the money go somewhere other than the municipality. Only support candidates who will support people's rights and end injustice. Attend council meetings and demand that they give better notice to motorists. Perhaps an open records act would show who gets tickets in this town and you will probably find it's people who don't live there....that way nobody complains. Google revenue generated by traffic citations. It pays the government and supports the insurance industry so they can keep the legislature under their wing.
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