US Highway 83 near US Highway 190

Menard, TexasAug 15, 20054 Comments

City PD works with the local DPS to ensure that every infraction is enforced. My experiences:
1) was going 3-5 mph over limit. city officer followed me through town and turned on lights after I crossed city limit. Called DPS officer to give me the ticket. Called two more officers to search my car for 40 minutes w/ no probable cause (broke cd player in process). Found nothing. Claimed they did. Let me go the very instant I revealed that my father was a district attorney in tx. Ticket died on bond.

2) Was followed by young sparky officer the entire length of the town until I accelerated to the new higher speed limit too soon. Not only did I get a ticket for going 1(!) mile over the limit, my car was searched again. Junior (who had this “my hands are tied”” attitude) told me that they “”have to search every college student going to Lubbock.””

Finding an alternate route will be the best 15 minutes you ever lost.”

Hey there Scooby, for your information there is a lot more to your temporary detention then you stated. I’m not going to stay with this one long but you need to know that the city of Menard TX has no such department. The only Law Enforcement in Menard is the County Deputies and sometimes one or two Troopers. Another thing is there is no such things as “Speed Traps” only the law which is very clear about the matter at hand “Speeding”. One, Two, Ten, Thirty miles over it is all the same, speeding it’s against the law. Thus is why there are big black and white signs posted every so often so that drivers are aware of the decreasing or increasing speed limits. To end I would like to say,” have a heart bud”, because these men and women are risking the lives to try in helping people they don’t even know most of the time. Working traffic or highway interdiction is the best way to enforce the State Laws on the highways and byways. It helps us find illegal contraband. It’s a job that I love and people need to appreciate the men and women who bleed blue for you and everyone else.
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Except you don't bleed blue. You bleed green....stealing money from innocent individuals. It's disgusting and absolutely pathetic. There IS such a thing as a "speed trap". It's when the speed limit is grossly inappropriate for the design and conditions of the road. Very simple.
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There is no such thing as a speed trap. Even if you feel the posted speed limit is inappropriate it is still posted and it is still the law. Also, please be advised that law enforcement does not set the fines or have anything to do with what the fine has been set at. Fines are set by the courts and are also mandated by the state. Now with that being say I'm going to tell you how to get out of getting a speeding ticket...don't speed, it's actually pretty easy.
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Same happened to me in Menard county. I was coming in town from San Antonio Texas and the speed limit was 50 but somehow with no notice goes to 40 right out of town where the sheriff is conveniently waiting for the passing through people who have no idea
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