US Highway 90 near Mile Marker 8

Coeur d’Alene, IdahoMay 18, 20081 Comments

At Ramsey getting onto the 90 there is a construction zone speed zone posted at 55, this speed zone is inconsistent as you travel further down 90, The resume speed sign is moved frequently although they have cones set as far as Liberty lake w/speed signs of 70 mph. The highway patrol hides at the rest station at mile marker 8 just before hwy 41 interchange. Be careful and pay attention. I was pulled over after the resume speed sign and the court will always favor the hwy patrol. Most of the time construction is Not in progress, I feel this is a speed trap to pay for the construction. And when will they fix the pocket holes? This is ridiculous and unsafe. When will the highway and roads services be accountable too.


First of all, Liberty Lake is in Washington, not Idaho. I have lived here over 23 years and travel that road quite often. I have never seen an ISP Trooper running radar in that rest area. On the other side of the freeway is a weigh station where there are always troopers. I-90 is also a FEDERAL highway so it does not matter what ISP does, money-wise. All the repair funds come from the feds. What exactly is a "pocket hole"? Could you be talking about "potholes"? If they are so bad, why are you speeding to begin with?
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