US Highway 95 near Entering town from the South

Council, IdahoNov 05, 20064 Comments

As you enter the town limits from the South the speed limit drops from 65 MPH to 45 MPH. 100 feet South of a sharp left-hand turn, the speed limit drops to 35 MPH. 100 feet North of the sharp left-hand turn, the speed limit drops to 25 MPH. 100 feet North of the 25 MPH sign, the speed limit drops to 20 MPH for a school zone. The officer waits one-quarter mile away, partially concealed. Usual court appearance dates (for out-of-state vehicles)are four days from the date of the citation.

ok you are entering a town... The speed limit slows and the officer is another quarter mile in after the sign???? That sounds like common sence!
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It is too bad for the speeding motorist that the speed limit signs are not spread out there a little farther from each other, but considering they are not, the motorists need to remember the law is the law. I don't know of any one person who could ever forgive themselves for hitting and killing a little child. Please continue to read why we have extra patrol in the area you are saying is a speed trap. I must make mention that the Council Elementary School where students from pre school through to the 6th grade attend, is the school you speak about. Our little children are precious to us and we have complained heavily that the speeding motorists are going to kill one of them coming and going to school if they do not slow down, hence the 20 mph zone just before the school. We mothers have asked that the Sheriff's office provide extra patrol at the times when children must cross the highway for their protection, and yes, praise God they are doing their job.
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As you head north through town it's 25mph clear out to the fair grounds the cop's sit there usually every day. Then on the HWY going North to the Fruitvale exit it's only 55mph! Why???? who knows it's 65 every place else. The cops usually sit at the Fruitvale turn off hiding in the bushes! It's maddening!
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The 25 mph limit North of Council was extended due to the volume of businesses, parks, and the Adams County Courthouse. It is 25 MPH to the Catholic church, then 35, 45, and finally 55 near the US Forest Service building. The highway has a 55 mph limit all the way to Evergreen due to the number of accidents through this dangerous crooked stretch of US Hwy. 95. The local Sheriff's office along with ISP watch this area pretty closely for speeders. It is also required for truckers to use chains when the road is snow covered or icy.
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