US Highway I-44 near US Highway US-65

Springfield, MissouriApr 10, 20084 Comments

On I-44 just west of the 65 interchange there is usually a highway patrol sitting in an emergency vehicle turnaround on Sunday mornings to catch people running late for church. I go this way to church and have seen him many times. The speed limit drops from 70 to 60 so be careful.

This is everyday not just on Sunday shooting east bound more often.
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Tithe to God and Tithe to the city as well. Bawlsy a tad, but then the city needs the money more than the church, evidently.
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The speed limit on this highway is 60 mph. The speed of most cars run between 70 and 75. This is not a speed trap. People driving between 70 and 75 deserve a ticket.
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The speed limit drops from 70 to 60 several miles in either direction of this location. There's more than enough time to adjust to the speed limit by the time you get here. And as someone else noted, it's an almost daily patrol there.
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