US Hwy 167 – Creola, LA

Creola, LouisianaMar 10, 20102 Comments

Going North just past Marler Ford – the police sit in the middle of the road in the turn around. You usually can’t see him until you crest the hill. Speed limit used to be 45. It is 55 now since they finished the road construction. Coming South just past the convenience store nad mobile home park on the left, watch for him again as you crest the hill, he’ll be sitting in the middle again with his lights off at night.

Yes, this town of Creola, Louisiana is very well know for there speed traps....I know all about it!
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Speed limits drops to 55 and then 45 in the Village of Creola, where they have their hands out, constantly. No law enforcement--this is fund-raising, plain and simple. Was visiting nearby family for a week, and saw folks pulled over there EVERY trip thru, morning, noon, or night. They're quite frank about the fact that "...if you pay the ticket before the court date, it will not go on your record..." Paid a nice round $150 for 8 mph over--63 in a 55. Didn't think I was going that fast, but the only way to fight this was to travel back from Germany many weeks later. He got a two-fer when he pulled me over--there was a car passing me, and he insisted he had two separate "catches" on his radar from quite a ways off... Would not be surprised if there are two ticket books here. One for tickets that get paid quickly and quietly, so the money can disappear. And one for tickets that actually make it into the system if they either don't get paid on time, or the driver has the tumerity to ask for any due process... If they'd just pulled me over and asked for donations, it would've been more respectable and up-front.
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