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Summersville, West VirginiaMar 11, 20103 Comments

A few years ago on a trip home from Florida to Canada I had the misfortune to get caught in Summersville. I was driving through a bogus construction zone and soon found myself on a downhill slope with Smokey in waiting! I momentarily slipped from noticing the speed limit also dropped about 15 mph. No time to react! Bang I was hooked!
On getting home a day later asked my pal ex copper Cliff if I should pay the substantial ticket.
He called me the next day and asked if I had seen Summersville on 60 minutes last night.
I hadn’t but found this mini –town of 500 homes or so, and employs about 20 coppers, puts out so many tickets mainly to out of state victims, that West Virginia had given up trying to collect on them.
Needless to say I never paid my fine and never heard from them.
To this day I joke I am wanted in W. Virginia and have my wife drive through this State.
Naive Canadians ( and other Americans too)are not used to this crooked mentality. Watch out!

If you get a ticket in Summersville you can log on the city's website and take a driving school that will keep the points off "at least there is that"
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Commenting on the speeding ticket issued in Summersville, WV on March 10th.. My husband and I travel on the I-19 through Summersville at least 4 times a year to visit our friends that live in Summersville. It's definetely a speed trap. Heck, years ago they even issued a speeding ticket to the governor of a state(can't remember which one). No exceptions for anyone. Anyhow, I'm also Canadian and having to cross the border is issential for us. I'm told that if a speeding ticket is issued in any state of the U.S. and not paid, we will not be granted access to cross the border because it is now connected with the border computers so when they search our passports when we attempt to cross into the U.S. we will be denied access and it will then become connected to our Motor Vehicle computers thus if we have an outstanding ticket of anykind when we go to renew our license, we will be denied a renewal. I ask, is it worth the aggravation it can cause us for not paying the ticket? NO. Crossing the border is far too important for us..Next time, crawl through this tiny little town and don't go over the speed limit by even 2 m.p.h. They take pride in issuing a speeding ticket...
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Years ago we got ticketed on this fine highway on our way back up North, No doubt with out of state plates we were targeted because we were NOT the fastest car on the road at the time. We were riding in the right lane with many cars passing us on the left, but we were the ones that got pulled over. My husband was the driver, but when I mentioned to the cop that the other cars were going faster his reply was that the cop on the other side of the highway also clocked our speed, amazing since he was picking off the south bound travellers. We did not pay the ticket, now if our route takes us through this state I'm the one that drives, and we travel well below the speed limit which angers the locals but you have to protect yourself from the "highwaymen". On the day it happened we were talking about vacationing in WV, but quickly changed our minds. We avoid spending a cent here now. Fill up with gas before we enter or make sure we have enough to make it to the other side so we don't spend anything here.
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