US Route 19 north and south

Summersville, West VirginiaApr 30, 20020 Comments

Here is the deal with Summersville… I live in Beckley WV, but attend school in Morgantown so I drive through Route 19 at least twice a month. Also I have lived in the summersville area, and am quite aware of how "safe" the road is.
This stretch of highway has a police car patrolling it 90% of the time I travel through, and out of that 90% a great majority of that time there is three or more police cars. Why three cars are needed on a less than 10 mile stretch of highway, I don’t know. I have only seen State Troopers on this road once, and they were assisting a summersville officer on the side of the road with a traffic stop. I have not gotten a ticket through there because I slow way down (to 45MPH), and use radar-detection to help. However, I have been in the car with people who have been pulled over at less than five miles an hour over the speed limit. The officers are very rude, and demeaning. Furthermore the road is relatively straight (extremely straight for WV roads), and the traffic has NEVER been bad on that road. I don’t think that the officers pull over out-of-state residents more, but they write a LOT of tickets. Also the city is responsible for setting the speed limit of highways within there district. The WVDOH has requested repeatedly that the speed limit through Summersville be raised to 60MPH, but the city has refused. Why would Summersville want to get money from people by writing tickets, as opposed to adding more services for them to spend money at? It just seems a little silly to me.

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