US Route 33 West at Harrisonburg eastern city limit

Harrisonburg, VirginiaJun 01, 20111 Comments

Speed on 33 drops from 55 to 45 to 35 quickly. Recently just inside the Harrisonburg city limits the police have set up a tricky speed trap soon after you crest over a turn on the hill as you enter town. They usually hide along the shoulder where you cannot see them until you have crossed over the hill. Traffic along 33 usually travels at at least 60mph sometimes grouped traffic can travel up to 70mph. Be careful to watch your speed as you cross into the city limits in this approximately 1/2 mile stretch where the speed drops quickly and the police want cheap tax dollars!

All of US 33 is bad, there is no hiding from Hburg cops, they will get you one way or another. They love college kids especially JMU and EMU kids, they're mere miles apart from each other and both campuses have parties with both schools mingled together. You can bet if there was an off campus party on Mt Clinton Pike across the street from Park (EMU) there were JMU buddies there. If there was a party at Sunchase or down by the high school in that row of should be condemned houses, Crayola House being one of them there were EMU kids there. Spent many a weekend over there in the basement watching bands play and hanging out with friends. Good times. The parties definitely got bigger through my four years, my senior year we had to get permits from the city or they'd shut us down. For a small college town, it didn't make to find something to do or a party spot. Good times.
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