Verona Boulevard near State Route 322 / 40

Egg Harbor Township, New JerseyAug 28, 20059 Comments

Between Pleasantville and Atlantic City, this approx. 2 mile stretch of Rts. 322 & 40 (Verona Blvd.) is covered by the Egg Harbor Township police. Their cars are mostly white, but newer ones are now a silver/grey color. You might see them sitting in the parking lot of one of the "budget" motels along the road, or riding up and down the road; be careful — sometimes their radars are constantly on, sometimes they will turn them on just as you come near. The posted speed limit is 45, but most cars go 50-60, some higher.

The E.H.T. police and municipality must be needy; among other times, I’ve been stopped and given a ticket in the middle of the night because one of my headlights was out. (What am I going to do — stop at Pep Boys at 2 AM for a light bulb??)

Two people struck and killed in this small stretch of roadway in the year 2009, bodies were shattered when they were struck by the cars. Stand on the side of this road for a moment, then if you're really brave try and cross it at rush hour to get to the bus stop on the opposite side of the road. Didn't the ACUA tractor flip over on this road because it was speeding?? I think it skidded for over 200' onto the sidewalk. Glad no one was walking there at that time. Greedy, I think not, be reasonable with your speed and you'll never be bothered.
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@#1 People make mistakes while driving that's why they are called "accidents" . Do you have any idea how far a tractor with or with out trailer will travel when it rolls on its side? Do you know how heavy these vehicles are? With a trailer fully loaded almost 80,000 lbs, your car or light truck 5,000 lbs. Its obvious that it will travel farther. You said they're not greedy!? That's almost like saying they don't have quotas!!! Ha Ha Ha HA You also talked of bodies being shattered in 2009, Well if you're stupid enough to not be paying attention while walking or crossing the road you deserve anything that comes your way. Pedestrians have just as much responsibility as the motorist does. Hence don't play on the yellow or white lines and your chances of being hit will decrease dramatically.
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hey smart guy, accidents haven't been called "accidents" in YEARS. Why? Because to use the word "accident" would denote no one is to blame. Its called a "CRASH"..... Next point about the tractors. How do you think it got onto it's side in the FIRST PLACE? Let me educate you about a neat piece of modern technology called CDR....crash data recorder. It lets the police know how fast you were traveling when you killed that pedestrian or in this case, rolled a truck onto it's side during an UNSAFE lane change while SPEEDING. As for pedestrians getting struck let me remind you about a neat concept called "road sharing" Pedestrians, bicyclist, motorcyclists, cars, SUV's and trucks all shhhaaaarrrrrreeee the road. Using your Darwinist analogy the next time a vehicle BIGGER than yours runs you over, feel free to consider yourself stupid for not getting out of it's way. You also neglect to include the motorist who do NOT drive between the nifty white and yellow lines due to maybe....say....talking on their cell phones, driving too fast, putting on make up or maybe touching themselves. I do not know where you fit in these categories? please continue your debate with some good old fashioned twelve year old name calling : )
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hey mister.....Quota's in NJ are illegal! Police can write as many or as few tickets as they want.
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Another pedestrian struck and killed last night.....
#5May 11, 2011Report Abuse
Another pedestrian struck and killed crossing the road one month ago.....
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Yet another terrible crash directly related to speed last weekend which nearly ended the life of one of the passengers......
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triple fatal in same area......3 children....
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the person on the 11th 2011.....didn't make it......RIP......
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