Vista Del Mar, South of Grand Ave

El Segundo, CaliforniaAug 02, 20101 Comments

Just after the Chevron Gas station in El Porto and after the "S" curve the cop (Officer Chen) hits you with Laser RADAR. The speed imit is 45 mph and I think they start writing you up after 55 mph. El Segundo PD notes this site as Station #1. You will be pulled over at the entrance to the Scattered good station. The fine as of June, 2010 is $357.00.

Hi, This is Officer Cheng. You spelled my name wrong, but its okay. Thank you for your recent post. The posted speed limit at the above listed location is 45 mph, with northbound vehicles enter a downhill blind turn at the end of the curves. Many collisions occur at this portion of the roadway during morning and evening hours with people rushing to and from work. The power lines on the east side of the street feed power to the City of Manhattan Beach from the neighboring power plant. Vehicles that speed and lose control at this curve usually knock down one of these power poles and "black out" the entire north residential portion of Manhattan Beach for the entire day. Collisions usually result in injury, serious vehicle damage, and a large bill from Edison for the replacement of the power pole. In addition, fire and police personnel must wait for Edison to turn off the power before we can proceed with rescuing the trapped occupants inside the vehicle due to downed wires. I stop cars at 59 mph or above at this portion of the roadway, which is posted for 45 mph. If its raining, I'll stop cars if they go 55 mph or above, not because I enjoy writing tickets in the rain, but because its necessary to warn and deter other drivers from speeding at this location. The "#1" written on our citation does not refer to "Station #1." It simply means that you were driving in the #1 northbound lane at the time I obtained your speed with my laser device. Based on your listed fine amount, I can tell that you were cited by me for driving between 61mph and 70 mph in a posted 45 mph zone. Your measured speed is clearly written on the left side of the citation and I'm sure I offered to show you the speed reading from the laser device. Thank you again for you posting. And for the others who are reading this, I conduct speed enforcement everywhere in town, so slow down and pay attention to the signs. Drive safe and be well. T
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