Waterson Expressway west bound between Bardstown in Newburg

Louisville, KentuckyNov 21, 20131 Comments

Speed tickets even if you’re driving the same speed as traffic.

Please. It is not a speed trap, the limit remains 55 long before and after this area. If you are going over 55 in this short, hilly, curved stretch of very congested traffic, you are a dangerous driver. Let's not forget how often that area turns into a parking lot because of speeding, lane-hopping idiots who believe they have the right to endanger and slow down everyone else - they are immature, hot-tempered scoff-laws, who have no need of a neon sign on their vehicle, announcing, "ME FIRST!" You may BELIEVE you have the right to do 70+ on the Watterson, but I KNOW I have the right to do 55.
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