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A police lady ticketed me for going 60 in a 45 mph zone. The speed trap is only a few blocks long. You can see the 60 mph sign. It is hard to stop or slow down in such a short distance.

I went to the Waverly, VA courthouse. For a town of 750 people, the courthouse was absolutely huge (as large as a school for 2000 students). The clerk had stacks of tickets and expected you to be rude to him for staging the obvious speed trap. I was not rude and found an attorney coming out of the courthouse to represent me. The attorney did not reduce the fee but eliminated the reckless driving charge. I begged the attorney to include the price of the ticket in the $250 attorney fee. He refused and said just fax your credit card information to the courthouse when you get your ticket in the mail.

Waverly Courthouse pretended not to get my fax and suspended my driver’s license for not paying and charged me an addition $125. I called my attorney and told him this was an unbelievable racket with him included. The attorney laughed said maybe you should travel through another state. This ticket mishap cost over $700.

Your information is a little off. First, it amazes me that everybody can complian about this being a speed trap. Those of us that live here have to use extreme caution when walking in or driving in our own town because of careless motorists accelerating as they leave town. How many accidents, flipped cars and deaths have we seen on this stretch of road....plenty! We thank God for the Waverly police, deputies and Troopers we have out here writing those tickets for this small town of about 3,000. The courthouse you went to is the Sussex courthouse which services all the jurisdictions in the county. That lady cop is the only female we have and she is so professional, so please don't put your bad decision on her plate. She was doing her job. Just remember the next time you come through here to slow down...thanks.
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Sir, there are 102 people who selected "Yes! This is a speed trap" and only 14 who selected "No, this is definitely NOT a speed trap". And I'm sure you selected the latter either before or after you posted your comment above. So thats 102 yes and 13 no..................Its a speed trap, OK ?
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