W/B Park Presidio Bypass

San Francisco, CaliforniaApr 27, 20141 Comments

As you go through the light at John F Kennedy heading North, into the sweeping turn… if you are the last one through the light be assured you and maybe all of the other lanes will be pulled over one after the other. First me at Fulton and then the other lane at Cabrillo and the other lane at Balboa. The are located on the right hand side, facing you as you round the corner. They obviously can only ticket last ones through the light as you are doing the same speed as those in front of you. Your busted….!

The COP who pulled me over was super nice. However, the speed trap is not nice. The officer who was using the LIDAR wasn't pointing it at me and was looking at the ground when I went by, and I was going just a little over 35. They claim it's a construction zone but there is no signage or warning, or even cones to indicate that the speed should be reduced from the posted 35 MPH. In fact, when I went through there a couple weeks after I got the ticket, there was a sign a block before the speed trap before you enter the turn that said "End Work Zone" and yet they were still pulling people over. Anyway, I ran out of time to contest it, too busy with work and school, so I paid the $400+ and will attend traffic school. It's nice to have a place to rant about it though!
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