Wellsian Way

Richland, WashingtonFeb 14, 20112 Comments

When you turn South onto Wellsian Way from Lee Blvd. you will encounter a school zone which is activated by a small flashing light which prompts you to slow to 20 MPH. This occurs at various times of the day. There are two turn lanes and you may see it or not depending on which turn lane you are in and what type of vehicle is in the ‘outer’ turn lane. Larger vehicles can block the sign from the “inner’ lane. The police seem to like this area because many do not see the sign and speed through the zone. The fact that it is a school zone also doubles the fine.

The speed trap on Wellsian Way that is mentioned is really bad since the lights are far removed from visibility and the patrol cars hide behind a fenced area by George Grant construction. Most other school signs in Richland have adequate flashing signals. Likewise school can be out in all the secondary schools and yet the lights can be flashing on Wellsian way-- Perfect setup for Richland Police-- Bad flashing light design and location and no thought of changing!!!
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I was traveling about 30 in the 35, thinking I was getting pulled over for going to slow. The officer told me I was going 10 over in a school zone. That was the moment when I realized I passed along the back edge of a schoolyard. In my opinion, the 20mph school zone light should be consecutive before or immediately after with the 35 mph sign right at the beginning of Wellsian when turning from Lee Blvd. I did commit the infraction, but I'm hoping to mitigate some of the penalty and put in word that the light situation should be fixed for future drivers on Wellsian.
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