west bound highway 60 and 3rd Street

Globe, ArizonaJul 23, 20112 Comments

The speed limit in this Part of Globe goes from 40 mph at the top of the hill to 30 mph down hill where the photo radar is set up. This is nothing more that a revenue generating machine for the notorious speed trap City of Globe Arizona

I recently visited Globe, looking for a mexican resturant that my friends in Show Low claim to be the best anywhere to meet family at from Phoenix. A freind was with and the whole way through Globe while looking we noticed speed limits changing constantly. I kept asking "Do you see a speed limit sign, what is the speed limit now?" Being very considerate of that town and wanting to observe the laws of that town. To my amazement I recieved a photo ticket in the mail. The 16 years living in Show Low never have I recieved a ticket for speeding through my town. I never knowingly would ever drive through my town or someone elses doing 12 miles over the speed limit! I also have partnered with law enforcement and worked closely with them for the last 17 years in Phoenix and Navajo County. I take speed limits seriously and in all honesty know that this photo ticket I received was either one of the two: incorrect/not valid or a trap. In either case shame on this system. I also read that the speed limit droped in this area from 40 to 30 going downhill. As I look in the photo I also see that at the time of day I received the ticket the sun was glaring in my eyes. How is it is possible for me to be going 12 miles over the speed limit unless the 40 mph sign was not visible to me when all I was looking for was speed limit signs and a resturant that I had no idea where it was. My suggestion for Globe is to keep a consistant speed limit through your town and remove you photo camera speed traps.
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Globe Mayor had ALL camera's removed.
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