West Georgia Road near Exit Number 29

Simpsonville, South CarolinaJan 28, 20075 Comments

Simpsonville S.C. is a suburb of Greenville S.C. While I have not received a ticket, I have noticed several people who have. Simpsonville utilizes at least two unmarked vehicles. A silver Mustang and a dark blue Camaro. They are often on W. Georgia Rd. and particularly on the two frontage roads in either side of I-385, which run between W. Georgia and Fairview Rd. A small town that utilizes unmarked vehicles to enforce traffic laws just screams "speed trap". The speed limit on these frontage roads is 35 mph. The steep decline on the roads often results in cars going over the speed limit. Simpsonville also utilizes a Mayor’s Court. Friends tell me the Mayor’s court tells offenders if they plead guilty and pay the fine (ridiculously high fines of $200.00 for 5 – 7 mph over the speed limit), the court will not put points on their driving record. Again..this tactic just screams "speed trap" and if not, it should be against the law.

This is most definitely a speed trap. I was accused of doing 61 mph in a 35 mph zone, which was impossible. The officer snatched my license and all documents from my hand as I was trying to sort the needed documents. I went to traffic court and the (judge) presented to all persons present exactly as mentioned by someone before this. Plead guilty, and your insurance company will never hear about the case. Just a case of crooked, small (hick) town persecution of the public.
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For the record, this Small (Hick) town is actually part of Greenville County and fines go to the county. Greenville is the largest populated county in South Carolina and a major hub between Atlanta and Charlotte. Additionally, to the other commentor, you have options. You can pay approx $75 and get 2-4 points on your license and have the "speeding" ticket, or what the county has gone to is filing these under disregarding a highway sign which carries 0 points but is about $200. That isn't a "HICK" town thing, that is county wide. I got caught speeding in Meckelenburg County, NC, which is where Charlotte is and they did the same thing. What has happened is the Government has realized giving motorists points serves no benefit, they would rather have the funds, why help insurance companies. And yes, I've been caught by the Navy Blue Camaro as well.
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The posted Speed Limit on the Frontage Roads is 35MPH and considering that the majority of Simpsonville's Police Officers give drivers about 10 - 15 MPH OVER the Posted Speed Limit, would NOT make this area a speed trap!!!!!!! A speed trap is where the Posted Speed Limits dramatically changes from a higher speed to a lower speed with very little adjustment time or distance. The hills on these roads DO NOT increase a vehicle's speed by NO MORE THAN 5 MPH!!! I've tested this theory several times!!!! As long as YOU are driving sensibly and within the Posted Speed Limit then you WILL NOT have an issue!!!! Secondly, the cost of a speeding ticket in Simpsonville that's LESS than 25 MPH OVER the Posted Speed Limit is ONLY $130.00....NOT the $200 that the other person suggests!!!! If you're gonna post negative comments...get your facts straight!!! Additionally, if you're gonna speed and violate the law, then be prepared to pay the price!!!!
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I can't believe someone actually is breathing air and taking up for this reduction of freedom. It is a HICK town and it's called extortion you dumbass. It actually is not legal to do and I have proven this in 3 cases I fought the charges and then sued the city for practicing such injustice. You actually hold dear to the ideaoligy that if I pay more then I get no points thus helping with insurance? Are you serious right now? Only from a hick or a cop. I say your a cop and pissed off becuase Americans are losing their freedoms with every ticket written. You set hidden away with your pussy guns, you know it's hard to get stopped or slowed coming down the hill ad you just pull over any tom dick or hairy that is doing 5 miles over? Let me educated those who don't know the law. FIGHT IT! Ask for a jury trial and you don't even hve to retain a lawyer. Step 1: file for a motion of discovery Most cops don't even know how to respond to this so they just want. If this happens web you are in court and the crooked money making pig starts presenting his radar gun has evidence, OBJECT! Explain to the judge you filed for a motion of discovery and the cop ignored said request thus enableing you to prepare for your case based on evidence he is trying to submit. The judge will be forced to throw the radar gun out and then it's just good ol, your word against his. And I promise a jury has no sympathy for a lying cop who manipulates the system to generate thousand of dollars. Step 2: put the cop on the stand and ask 1 question. With the naked eye how in the world did you know I was speeding? You could just tell? Do you have any certificate of training to judge speeding? I didn't think so Step 3: ask for a miss trial based on the evidence just presented due to the lack of any evidence at all that proves your guilt. See in a court of law a judge can not by his oath, allow a case to continue to be heard if the prosecution has no evidence. And sense the radar gun was his life line and it had to be stuck from the record, wala! You win. Now if he does reply to your motion in time then it is easier to win! See the manufacturer of all radar guns used by police today plainly state in the "warning labels" that even if the radar has complied with the monthly maintance it is required to receive (which most hick town cops don't even know they are suppose to carry out any maintance) it stil has a margin of error of 5-7 miles per hour. Without proper maintance it could be off by 15 mph. So if you were charged with doing 5 miles over or even 15 miles over, if you subtract the margin of error you were so close to the actual speed limit non juror will convict. I assure you this is way better than preticipating in extortion and shelling out $200 bucks to. These greedy slobs. Go do what it is you swore an oath to do, protect and serve. We have kids being kidnapped, loved ones being murdered and your worried about me doing 5 miles over? Screw you and get a life. Better hope you don't pull me over becuase once I beat your ass in court I usually follow up with a good o lawsuit just to put these little municipalities in their righteous place. Any questions? O please don't forget to show up for jury selection, if you do they will select all ex cops and city workers.. Hahaha! Truth is thy probably will throw it out they like they did with me after the last 4 tickets.! I not only saved my self 1200 on fines by standing up to these pigs, I had a few of them fired for playing God. I'm sorry if you disagree but my freedoms are not going to be trampled on by some over jealous punk who was picked on his entire life and now wears a badge and thinks he has to take his unfortunate child hold
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Wow. You (above poster) must really be a special kind of idiot. First, yes, police do have special training for radar and lidar operation. Secondly, when you file a motion for discovery, otherwise known as a Rule 5, it does NOT go to the police officer, it goes to the Clerk of Court, who knows exactly what to do with it. Third, radar maintainence records are available in the courtroom and are up to date. The margin of error is NOT 5-7 mph either. My son got a ticket here and attempted to fight it because he thinks he knows all. I went with him and once all of the evidence was presented, the jury did find him guilty. It was a 6 point violation, and he was going quite fast on Main St, 80 mph in a 35 mph zone. The police stopping him for that IS protecting and serving. It protects the citizens from a speeding /reckless driver, and it stops my son from driving in such a foolish manner that he could have been killed. As a parent, I immediately took his license and his car until such time that he could prove to me that he had regained control of his brain and his lead foot. I myself have been stopped in Simpsonville for going 10 mph over the limit (not paying attention). The officer was polite, friendly AND gave me a warning.
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