Westmoreland TN on TN Hwy 231 / 31E

Westmoreland, TennesseeDec 25, 20141 Comments

Highway 231 / 31E entering the town of Westmoreland (population approx 2000). Speed limit rapidly drops from 55 to 45 to 30mph. 30mph speed limit “feels” incredibly slow given the sparse traffic, good visibility, and straight wide road. Police cars, some unmarked, are regularly patrolling the area (again – this is a small town of about 2000). Today, on Christmas Day, I saw someone pulled over by an unmarked police car – I think it was a Black Mustang. My general feeling is there’s very little danger of driving faster than 30mph and you have to concentrate (even hit your brakes) to not go faster than 30mph in this are. I find it likely they take advantage of the geography to ticket unwary out-of-town travelers to raise city funds.

OMG! A TOTAL speed trap!!! Just came through Westmoreland 231 in the dark tonight. My daughter was pulled over 1st time ever, usually drives too slow and people passing her. The officer ADMITTED, he clocked her when sign JUST changed from 45mph to 30mph...through a town we DON'T know at all. We explained looking at directions on map since not from there, VERY dark, didn't see a change in signs...he was in a parking lot waiting who to trap next with radar gun. He said said clocked her 48 in a 30...$170 ticket (which read $107 for up to 19 over). Court date just before Christmas...he probably had radar gun pointed when still in 45mph zone. I had her drive since I have a pinched nerve and she's been having medical tests at Vanderbilt past 2 yrs, hoping to FINALLY get hired shortly, doing job applications with upcoming background checks! He DIDN'T care at all!!! We had a semi tailgating us miles, too...didn't matter to him! Wouldn't let us talk, just interrupted and talked over. My uncle a sergeant 20yrs in Chicago, my sister a paramedic 32 yrs, her son an EMT...whole family all military. I help officers frequently at my store, total back the blue attitude, but LOST MY RESPECT TONIGHT!! Here an Amber Alert keeps going off and this "officer" doing an OBVIOUS speed trap, giving huge tickets and before the holiday's, when could have easily done a warning!..I barely can pay my bills. Ironic as we pulled to leave away, the speed limit sign immediately said 55!! HOW many tickets, court dates, chain reaction of BAD domino affect from this SMALL area we NEVER want to visit ever again! Here we had a day trip to see meet my sister half way for her birthday today...it ruined the day! It ruined future trips and memories...Karma to this cold officer and town that robs people of their hard earned money! Go after the: hotrods peeling out, DUI's, kidnappers, drug dealers, robbers, thieves, the real speeders...How I wish we took the Interstate...No clue how some people sleep at night KNOWING a trap and ruined more than just a day...ins to go up 22-30%, when was to go down 11% for her turning 25 in couple of mths, the extra unnecessary stress. 45 to 30 to 55...in a short distance...NOT right!! The judge surely knows this address by now!!
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