Whole town.

Falmouth, MaineJan 01, 20011 Comments

This entire town is one big speed trap. The police in the town are the equavalent of mall security guards with guns so they’re ticket happy and always on a power trip. Also, they blatantly engage in racial / age profiling. So just a note if you’re of a different racial background than white or if you look under 21 and driving a nice car: expect to be pulled over for little or no reason and hassled to no end by the police. Proof? I was driving my parent’s new-ish luxury sedan around at night on winter break from college (I’m 19). It has 2 lights illuminating the rear license plate. One of the lights was out but the plate was clearly visible with the other one. My parents have driven the car for over 8 months with this problem and never been pulled over. I was pulled over twice in the same night by the same officer for the license plate light being out. I was then forced to exit the vehicle and be lectured about automobile maintenance. I received 2 written warnings within 3 hours for the same thing from the same officer. Apparently the ticket happy rookie cop pulls over up to 300 people per month. In a town with no crime, 17,000 residents, 10 police officers and about 30 miles of public road, 300 traffic stops is out of hand.

this towns population is less than 11,000. no racial profiling is done. the police department does it's job. perhaps you would feel better avoiding falmouth as we do not tolerate negativity. the fact that you received only a warning instead of a ticket should give you a clue, that falmouth is a lenient town.
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