within 5 miles north of shell gas station on 102 Pearson Rd

Lone Pine, CaliforniaSep 19, 20102 Comments

You are heading north bound on 395. There is a Shell Gas Station on the right, whose address is 102 Pearson Rd., Inyokern, CA 93527. Within 5 miles after the Shell station, you will encounter a gradual downhill of about a mile long, with open views on both sides. At the end of the downhill, the hill then turns immediately uphill, but your views are then obstructed by canyons on both side. As you were going downhill, you cannot see the end of the uphill part because the uphill part quickly veers to the right and is blocked by canyon walls on both sides. The uphill part is short in distance, only about 150 ft. At the end of the uphill part, the the canyon walls also end and the road veers to the right by some 20 degrees. There is a cross road on the left immediately after where the canyon walls end that connects to the southbound of highway 395. The heartless CHP will be sitting on the cross road on your left with his radar gun pointing at you. You will not see him because your view is obstructed by the canyon wall on the left. Even when you get to him, your eyes are still on the road, which veers right, so you most likely will not even turn your head to the left to see him. He will slap you with the highest ticket possible but still giving you the option of attending traffic school, which is going 90mph on a 65mph speed limit. I hope no one else falls prey to this evil one.

I have been going to Mammoth from the LA area on a regular basis since 1978 and Lone Pine, Independance, Big Pine and Bishop have well marked speed limits. The CHP does enforce the speed limit in the Towns but is very leneant away from the towns. By lenient I mean 65 to 70 is usually permitted. In the towns be careful. It seems that the CHP has backed off on strict enforcement in the last ten to fifteen years. The only really tricky place I've found is S/B on 395 entering Bishop just past the Piute Palace the speed drops to 35 and then after about three blocks it goes back to 45. Too many t-bone accidents at the traffic signal in that streach.
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There is a nasty sawed off female higway patrol (man hater) riding in a white chp car that will sneak up in your blind spot and try to get you for anything. Picking your nose is probably illegal in her mind. When she pulls you over 10 am she will give you a sobriety test, eye moving drug test, walk the line etc. without any probable cause. On her sidehip she dons a big yellow taser gun and looks trigger happy. She is skilled in asking a series of stupid nonsensical questions and will try to write you up for anything. Be very careful about 5 miles south of Lone Pine as crossing paths with this sneaky little butch b***h can ruin a pleasant drive through this beautiful section of highway. It is a shame that the CHP hires people like this. Abuse of power exists.
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