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Anywhere along Hwy 165 between the speed limits signs small community and their only source of revenue, makes rolling stops and hides along the edge of the woods.

Yes the original poster is pretty much correct they will also stop you for some pretty lame reasons, "taillight dim" "bad headlight" in hope they can upgrade to higher violations like finding drugs "drug money" etc. Sadly they have been known to forget the original reason they stopped you. Thanks to your contributions they have a wonderful new brick fire station and town hall they could've never paid for on their own.
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This is the worst speed trap in Louisiana!
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I personally live in Woodworth. As both comments say above it is the worst speed trap I am aware of. They particularly love to sit at the bottom of the hill by the Country Club golf course and catch you entering into the city limits speeding after coming across the crest of the hill. Best rule of thumb, go under the speed limit in Woodworth, I know others who have gotten tickets for going 1 mph over.
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Go to.....lookingatthelaw.com....and pull up case # 9844. Recently, Woodworth had to pay $30,000 to a lady because of a bogus traffic stop. The lady sued and won.
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My family and I camped at Indian Creek. The next morning my daughter wanted donuts so we jumped in the car and went to get some. On the way back a Woodworth police officer was sitting in the middle of the road and began to follow me. As I turned onto the camp road he pulled me over. I had forgotten my license at the camp and told him it was a mile away and I could have it brought to him. He asked if I knew the number and said that would suffice when I gave it to him. After running my license he put me into the back of the patrol car and informed me I had a warrant for my arrest. On the screen was some information with my name and someone else's name on the bottom. After I told him there must be some mistake he informed my a Vernon Parish judge signed the warrant. I knew the district judges, parked my 18-wheeler in front of a Vernon Parish substation, and informed him he might want to check farther. He received the VPSO number from dispatch but it was a wrong number. I gave him the right number and it went through. VPSO informed the officer there was no outstanding warrant and after a long time, he told my wife and daughter to give him their ID. My daughter exclaimed that her license had expired but he took it. He stated my insurance had expired (it was not) and gave me a ticket for that, no license in possession, as well as my daughter for producing improper ID. I had proof of insurance faxed to the mayor/town judge magistrate and that was dismissed but we had to appear in court or pay the other tickets. I tried to find out information on the supposed warrant and my inquiries were dismissed but the best I could do was get the district judge and VPSO to reflect on the records that there had been no outstanding warrants prior to the date I was stopped. I called an attorney and was informed that he would take the case but I had to be prepared to spend the money to appeal the case to district court because I would be found guilty since the mayor is the magistrate. I paid almost $500.00 just to going camping. I go out of my way to avoid this place and tell everyone to camp somewhere else. Since then the city limits was extended to I-49 to enhance revenue.
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