Yemassee. Old Sheldon Church Rd.

Yemassee, South CarolinaJan 06, 20130 Comments

Yesterday morning my 9 Yr old son and I were going Fishing at the Hunting Island Pier, from Aiken, SC. It was a nice peaceful morning drive until I crossed the Train Tracks, on Old Sheldon Church Rd. going towards the SE. I saw the Cop in front of me in the distance on the left parked in a nice Dodge Charger. I saw a sign just past him that said “55”, I knew I wasn’t speeding, but as I approached him, he flipped on his lights, and I pulled over immediately! He asked me if I knew why?, when he approached the car, and after I said “Good Morning to the Officer”, then I responded …no, I am not sure why? He said I was doing 53, in a 40 MPH Zone. I looked back about 100′, and saw a sign in the opposite direction saying 40 MPH, and on my side about 125′ back, on my side the sign said 55??? Really Officer? I’m not from this area, and wasn’t aware of the quick change…He then said “Lic., and Registration please” ! I gave it to him thinking that I may just get a warning, or a lesser fine…. I asked him what he was going to charge me with, and he said… wait til I return. He came back with a ticket for 53 in a 40 MPH zone. As I don’t get a ticket very often, I asked him how many points it was, and he replied that he didn’t know??? Why don’ you know that?… I thought to myself? I realized that I would not get anywhere by doing that so I left it. He asked me if I had anymore questions, and I said no………. But, I just commented to him that I thought it was an obvious speed trap ! He replied………” Yes sir…………have a nice day, and drive safe” Thanks officer……….But, I was driving safe as I usually do ! How do I enjoy my day now with 4 Bogus points, and a $133.00 fine??? That just wrong, and they know it !!!

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